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Peter Bolger is a ‘City of Guilds’ Master Craftsman and FETAC certified Carpenter/Joiner with 20 years of building experience. Peter has spent the past 14 years as a Project Manager specializing in Homebuilding and has the industry knowledge to manage your project from conception to final product.

Understanding the climate and unique challenges of building in Northern Alberta is vital for energy efficient, well built projects. Peter is R-2000 Certified with extensive experience in EnerGuide standards with a proactive approach to industry advances.

Peter has guided and managed trades through all aspects of custom home and commerical construction for the past 20 years. He has a deep appreciation for an uncomplicated customer experience and ensures the highest building standards. Peter takes time to understand his customers, translating their needs, interests, and lifestyle into high-performing beautiful spaces. Pride and integrity lead the way at Hollis Developments.

Build With Us

Hollis Developments offers full-scope project management services for commercial projects including office, shop, rebuilds, extensions, renovations, and specialty projects.

Our customers are looking for an opportunity to collaborate with a Project Manager, who through thoughtful design, experienced planning, and best-in-class craftspeople, will experience the joys of a project that is theirs through and through. We take the time to build relationships, understand your business needs, or learn what your family values most. Our goal is always to make your completed space a place of pride and ultimate comfort.

Peter’s extensive experience and construction knowledge allows you to focus on the result, while he looks after behind-the-scenes details that make all the difference. Each step is supervised and managed with expertise, including meticulous inspections. This level of scrutiny and attention to detail is essential to the quality of our projects. Every customer is unique, and you can be as involved or removed from the project as you wish. By taking the time to understand customer expectations and share our own, each project is managed in a way that gives you the best possible experience.

Ongoing training and enthusiasm for the latest industry advancements keeps Hollis Developments excited to build. Taking your big idea and sharing the creative process to create a space you love, means the most to us. We will champion your vision, with continuous assessment to identify the intricacies and specialized needs of your project.


is the Founder and Director of Hollis Developments. Peter’s experience in the construction industry is vast, with over 22 years of experience in construction and 14 years experience in project management. He is responsible for overseeing all activities and personnel within the scope of each project. Peter has extensive experience in project preparation, design, and construction project oversight. Throughout his carrier Peter has managed all aspects of land developments, commercial construction, residential construction, and industrial construction. His time management, problem solving, attention to detail, and effective communication make Peter a skilled leader.


holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Human Resources and has over 10 years of experience in Finance and Human Resources. Mira provides full scope HR Generalist support and ensures adherence to company policy, procedures and Employment Standards.


is a Red Seal Journeyman Carpenter and a Site Supervisor with Hollis Developments. With over 10 years of experience in the construction industry Zack is a natural leader and has proven exceptional in all areas of on-site supervision. He is SECOR Safety Certified and has a proven ability to identify and rectify protentional issues before they become problems. His management of and communication with sub contractors and suppliers is an asset to all projects Hollis Developments undertakes.


As Construction Coordinator Jill works closely with the project management team and clients to ensure a smooth construction process, she plans, organizes, and directs project activities under the direction of the Project Manager. Her stakeholder communication, project organization and eye for design makes her key member of the Hollis Developments Team.